Last  few days, if you’ve been to Sephora and Dior webpages, you could have noticed that something is coming. And I’ll give you a hint – its a release of Dior BACKSTAGE line! And I am really excited about it! It’s a makeup and palletes collection from the latest runway. Also, people talking that the few product were used for Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup! True or not? I wouldn’t be surprised if so!

The first and most wanted is Face and Body Foundation, in a completely new packaging, which reminds us of MAC a bit. And it will come in 40! different shades! Let’s just hope it won’t be such a dissappointment as 40 shades of HudaBeauty.

Next is Backstage Contour Palette which is expected to highlight and contour. But if you don’t feel like for 4 contour shades, you may go for more wearable  Backstage Glow Face palette, which contains a highligher, a blush, and two contour shades. I personally wouln’t resist buying this one!

A new eyeshadow palette goes in 2 colous options, have 8 eyeshadows and 1 eye primer! What do you say? That’s brilliant! Would you go  for Warm Neutrals or Cool Neutrals? Or better both?!

When we speak about eyes, there is also a Brow palette with 3 shades in Light and Dark versions. There are 2 Powders to make the narural look and Wax for fixation.

And, finally, a lip palette. 9 shades, warm and cool ones, is perfect for travel when you don’t wangt to carry lots of lipsticks around. Another reason to say YES to this palette is try on new colours with different eyelooks! Who’s already in the line to get this one? I’ll meet you there!

So, I hope know we all know what we expect it to be and which products goes to our wishlist? I am personally planning on getting some products during my stay in Paris together with purchasing one Dior bag. Which one you will know soon… And, for now, enjoy the last days of spring and  don’t forget to comment what you planning to buy from Backstage line!


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