International Woman’s Day: only reason to celebrate “Womanity”?

ith me reaching age 24, I started to question what this day is really about. When you  Google search “International Woman’s Day” the first result describes it as a holiday  “annually held on March 8 to celebrate women achievements throughout history and across nations”. Today this is something worth be thinking about.

From my childhood memories, this holiday was something like “mama/grandmama day”. Hand-drawn cards, morning flowers from fathers and brothers, kindergarten/school concerts and the day off from work or school. Never about me, but about attention to other females.

With me growing older, was also growing a stereotype in post-soviet countries, which states it’s that one occasion females don’t have to dance around the house with a vacuum cleaner, cook and wash, and, finally,  get a right for some attention, flowers and, occasionally, dinner or some gift. At that moment, young social networks were spreading a ‘demotivating’ artworks of how females belong to the kitchen since 9th of March of the current year till the 7th of Match of the next one. Carry on the cycle in your head…

Now, in 2018, being a married girl, sitting at the window table in my favourite coffee shop, watching girls and women walk by holding flowers and delivery services carrying the gift packages, these all made me think – what this Day is really about?

I have arranged flowers delivery for my mother, seems like the mission was accomplished. But was it? Made me question if that day is now also about me? The more I was sinking into the true meaning of this holiday,  the more new questions and the stereotype-breaking thoughts came into my head.

Am I doing enough in my marriage to deserve to celebrate my achievements?!

Should I be expecting something more?!

Why woman has to expect attention today exactly, and just today?!

Maybe, things, we, woman, are doing, should be noticed and appreciated constantly, and then we won’t get feeling that we obliged?! Comment what you think about this holiday and if you celebrate it or not.



  1. Březen 12, 2018 / 8:16 pm

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  3. Březen 22, 2018 / 6:43 am

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